summer ’22 vacation☀️//ft. museums, malls, and walks☁️

hello and welcome back!!😺 this week, my mom and i are going to be going on a short vacation 😄 my school starts in a week, so I wanted to travel someplace before that starts again.

We’re going to be taking a train to Bangalore, and I honestly really like traveling by train! because listening to music/looking at the window while everyone else is asleep at night is a whole different vibe-

So, I did that. i listened to my 5SOS playlist (and Taylor Swift) all night, and wasted a whole bunch of data when I had downloaded the playlists 😒 (i woke up so many times during, why didn’t i check if i had mobile data on-)Today we’re going to be going to a planetarium! (Lowkey have no idea what that is but we’ll see🙈😂)

We got on an auto, and went to a museum first – it had stamps and it was basically about the history of communication. It was quite boring though😶 I mean..

Then, we walked for a bit. It was pretty hot outside, but it was a nice walk. Then I saw this really *cute* cafe and wanted to go, and i got an oreo ice-cream.

We walked a bit more and saw this old cathedral, but it was under construction so we couldn’t go in. we took another auto to the planetarium, and it’s basically a science …exhibition?? we watched a show in the “sky theatre”, it was pretty sick. 😁 but tHE KID NEXT TO ME JUST WON’T SHUT UP so that was ..splendid😀👍

After that, we took a metro to a mall. i love traveling by metro, but this one was really crowded.🙈 At the mall, we went to the food court – we had nachos and iced tea, which was REALLY GOOD-😩♥️so we spent like 5…4 hours in the mall? we just looked through stores, ate food …

👆here are the pictures of the food we got!

I noticed that being in bangalore is literally sO different from the city i live in..in a good way. i feel the sudden impulse to want to move here, but obViousLy that’s not possible. (maybe I will, after I complete school🤨) it’s like being in a different state..

(you are in a different state, stupid.)😀👍

we went clothes shopping. i got some t-shirts, and they look really cool!! but by that time, i was completely exhausted.. and just wanted to go home at this point.

after all that, we took another metro and waited fOREVERRRR for an auto.😮‍💨and we reached my mom’s friend’s place after, where we’re staying.

And that was day one!! I think I’ll be posting the next week? I hope enjoyed reading.😜

Have a nice day!!💗

8 thoughts on “summer ’22 vacation☀️//ft. museums, malls, and walks☁️

  1. ooh this was fun to read!! oreo ice cream 😍❤️
    some museums really do be excruciatingly boring… 🙃 like don’t you WANT me to want to be here
    (that was confusing)
    yummy food!!
    bangalore sounds cool!
    you’ve made me realize i’ve only ever heard one 5sos song in my entire life and now i wanna listen to more~
    can’t wait for more posts! 😌💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks,Maggie!
      True.. and I have no idea what you wrote. It do be confusing 😂
      It is, I’d definitely want to to visit here again.
      (It’s like ..a great place to travel with your friends.)😄
      Wait, what song was it? Definitely start with their Youngblood or CALM album, they’re the best ones so far. Or if you like alt-rock, then their earlier albums are great too.😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you’re welcome!
        yeah 😂😂👍
        i don’t know… *looks at youtube* probably she looks so perfect. it was when they first started. ok cool, thanks!


  2. Yayy, Evin!! I loveee this post! It’s always fun to see travel posts! Wow, Bangalore looks like a fun place! I have wanted to go there for a loongg time🙁. All the pictures are awesome!! Ooh, i love those clothes! ✨ Yeesss, listening to music in a train sounds great! I’d like to do that sometime.😃 Will there be a part two?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh thanks so much, roshni!!♥️♥️
    i hope you get to visit soon :))
    Definitely recommend that😂👍
    Yess, i might write around 5 posts from this trip, and i still have that road trip with Oreo in the drafts😂


  4. Ooh this post is great! I’ve lived in Bangalore all my life so I’ve gone to most of these places. Your experiences sound way too relatable lol. Plus, I hope you post those other parts from this trip, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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