summer ’22// visiting a park, a lake + flower photography

hello and welcome back! This is day 2 of the trip I went on with my mom, you can read about the first day here!🪴

I had a nightmare last night, and I found myself cRyiNg when I woke up – so hey that’s a great start to the day.😁👍 Today I’m going to be staying with a family friend, so she came and picked me up by 10:30 am.

We went to her apartment, and after a while we made food! (I mostly just watched.) It was paneer butter masala and chapathi, one of my favourite foods :))

While we ate, I watched Shinchan. (which is only my favourite cartoon show ever -😩🖖) after that, we went out by 1:30 pm to a mall, but that one was close. so we went to another small mall nearby.

I got a set of earrings there, they looked really pretty♥️ we explored the supermarket there, and we were looking for some stationary, a sharpener, specifically. And we found everything that BUT a sharpener.. not a single one😀

excellent posture 🙌

After a while, we came back down and sat on a bench and I was on “my” phone for a bit. (It’s only ‘my’ phone for this trip. :’) we then left to a park, and did some walking. The weather here is .. really pleasant. You can feel the sun, but it’s also quite cold and breezy.☀️

The lake in the park was SO BEAUTIFUL. It was shimmering from the sunlight, and there were so many flowers and trees in the park. I also saw a really friendly and cute dog, and I petted it, of course.😂♥️

After the park, we had a quick visit to a nearby temple, and went back home. There, I ate pasta and then we watched a movie, it was really nice! It was “Now you see me” on Netflix.

Then, I was dropped back at my mom’s friend’s place and I went to sleep shortly after. And guess what? I had another nightmare this night, sort of. But it wasn’t as bad as yesterday so😂🖖

one of my favourite pictures!!

thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for posts about the rest of the trip! Have a great day 💗

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